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DZ Privatbank: Supervisory authorities: BaFin, CSSF, EZB Am Tullnaupark 4, 90402 Nuremberg

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A new FEAT Scientific Research Center based on highest standards is being constructed

in the open countryside of Nuremberg.

FEAT Campus.jpg

Research Station for International Interdisciplinary Collaboration developed by HAGEN® GmbH

FEAT scientists enter a research station, which allows you to let their work be inspired by the respective suitable ambience. The futuristic building complex in lightweight design is designed as a self-sufficient plus energy house, supplying itself 100% with electrical energy (and water). The campus is well accessible. It has numerous path options, cross connections, vertical as well as horizontal viewing axes. The central structure in the shape of a “high-tech tower” culminates with a parabolic mirror, which also acts as an antenna. Likewise, an observatory is installed under the viewing dome of this high-tech tower, which is also equipped with elements for climate research. The chambers for the individual research units are arranged circularly around this high-tech tower. Their radiation-shaped sections lead satellite-like into the individual development and research cells, which provides a simple and logical orientation in the building. The outdoor area is closely interwoven with the building, so that incentives for movement connect indoor and outdoor space fluently with each other. Wide stairways enable alternative external access to the high-tech tower via the shiny silver roof vault from all four sides. This terrain modulation makes the entire building itself an experience object. Due to the molecular structural design, the campus can be expanded at any time.